Recruiting for devtool startups in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Roles Filled Recently


VPs of Marketing, CTOs, VPEs, VP of DevOps, Directors of Engineering, Head of Security, QA Managers, VP of Customer Success, IT Directors,


Heads of Product, Product Managers


VPs of Marketing, Growth Marketing, ABM Managers, Digital Marketing,


Account Executives, Sales Engineers, SDR Managers

Customer Success:

VP of Customer Success, Customer Success Specialists

Software Engineering:

Chief Architects, Serverside Engineers, Principal UI Engineers, Fullstack Developers, SDETs, Release Engineers, QA Automation, Search/Solr Architect,


VPs of DevOps, Directors of DevOps, DevOps/Release, DevOps/SRE, DevOps/Security


CISO, Security Research, Security Engineers

Data Science:

Data Scientists, Data Research Engineers

Enterprise IT:

CIO, VPs, Directors, Managers, Linux Admins, Security, DBAs, Application Support, Business Intelligence, Program Managers, Network Engineers, Network Admins

Professional Services:

Consulting Software Engineers, Consulting Security/DevOps Engineers, Software Solutions Engineers

Biotech / Life Sciences:

VP of Engineering, Director of Engineering, Backend Engineers, UI Engineers, Director of IT, Director of DevOps, Validation Engineers, QA Manager, Security Engineers, BI Specialists, Program Managers, Business Analysts, QA Automation


Kubernetes, Golang, Rust, Python, Node.js, Java, Scala, C++, Javascript, React, iOS, Swift, Android, React-Native, REST, GraphQL, gRPC, Microservices, Docker, ECS, Terraform, CloudFormation, CI/CD, AWS, Azure, GCP,  SQL, NoSQL, Spark, Kafka, Redshift, AI/ML, MLOps, ....