I recently attended one of Walter's gatherings for CTOs & tech execs... best networking events I've attended in recent memory.

Ryan Graciano
CTO & Co-founder

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I have ... worked with Walter for almost 10 years now ... to hire Executive Team and VP levels and in every case, he has found the perfect candidate...

Kevin Barrett


Walter does a fantastic job bringing together technical leaders.

Robert Conrad

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Walter focuses on quality and has deep understanding of how great technical recruiting should be done... definitely a huge asset for any company.

Ali Ghodsi
CEO & Co-Founder

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Attending the Executive Networking Events hosted by Walter has been of immense value to me. I highly recommend these events.

Chetan Pungaliya
VP Engineering

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I've worked with Walter at 2 companies now ... to really build out top notch engineering teams... Walter is my secret weapon.

Bobby Gaza 

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...Delivers well-qualified, quality candidates with surgical precision... helped me build a world-class team

Norman Graham
Engineering Manager


I used Walter to hire a new SVP... Engineering... His candidate was everyone’s number one choice… knocked it out of the park.

Chris Tennant
Connect Solutions

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Walter is the ideal head-hunter… he totally understands the profile that you need… sells the role and makes them excited... I highly recommend any tech company… to use Walter's services.

Ohad Maislish
Co-Founder, CEO
env0 (Terraform Cloud Alternative)

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Walter's partnership helped Personalis recruit great talent… reducing recruitment time… The hires… have proved to be a great fit… Highly recommend Walter...

Udy Dhansingh
Sr. Director of SWE
Personalis, Inc.

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Walter has exclusively helped us… This includes VP of DevOps… multiple technical leadership roles… closing even the most difficult searches in good time... I would highly recommend him.

Sohail Parekh
Sr. VP of Engineering
CloudPassage, Inc.

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Walter is one of the most skilled technical recruiters I have worked with. He is professional… HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Bart Westerink
Vice President, Security Engineering
MobileIron, Inc.

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Walter hosted a great meetup for Executives from a variety of DevTools Startups and VCs… I will definitely participate in the next one.

Artem Golubev
CEO, CTO TestRigor
(DevTool, Building Test Automation with AI)

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.. I was was able to connect with industry leaders… I would highly encourage.. Executives in the DevOps and DevTools sectors to attend future meetups. Thanks Walter

Ola Muse
CEO and Co-founder Scale3 Labs
(DevOps Tool, for Blockchain and Web3)

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.. FANTASTIC executive meetup… Walter did a great job of ensuring that connections were made… I left with at least a dozen new VP or C-level contacts… I will definitely be attending again!

Jake Reichert
VP of Engineering Yotascale
(DevOps Tool, Cloud Management)

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Awesome executive meetup mixer by Walter with… industry peers and investors… Made some solid connections. Thank you Walter for organizing it.

Atul Nanda
VP of Software Engineering Opsera
(DevOps Tool, Observability, Cloud Management)

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.. Executive meetup organized by Walter… carefully curated event… I was very glad I chose to attend. The atmosphere was excellent… I would love to attend future events organized by Walter.

Kazi Zaman
Chief Development Officer Shoreline.io
(DevOps Tool, Cloud Reliability Platform)

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Kazi Headshot

..One of his meet-ups and I am so happy I attended… I was able to make some great connections… I look forward to joining again in the future and absolutely recommend.

Laura Guntren
VP of Marketing Anvilogic
(DevTool, Security, Automate Threat Detection)

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Laura Guntren Headshot

Meet-up organized by Walter… was amazing… Engineering and VC Executives… amazing host and facilitator.

Mandar Gaitonde, VP of Engineering

Propelo (DevTool, Improves Engineering team performance)

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Walter has a high quality network of Engineering and Product Leaders… Developer, Data Infrastructure, and Software categories…

Richard Lui, Partner

Next47 Ventures (VC, Early Startups, DevTools, Deep Tech, AI/ML)

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Helping CEOs and CTOs of DevTool Startups:

- Achieve More Influential Market Penetration

- By Securing High-Impact Leaders and ICs

- From Higly Relevant Successful Startups

- Globally


The value of working with us:

  • DevTools Sector Specific
  • Saves Precious Time for Executives
  • Eliminates Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt
  • Proven Track Record of Success

Delivery Models:

  • Dedicated
  • Exclusive